Tunes List

2019/2020 MSR

Duncan McInnes

The Smith's a Gallant Fireman

Orange and Blue

Lexie McAskill

The Sound of Sleat

3/4 Marches

I See Mull

The Green Hills of Tyrol

When the Battle's O'er

Loch Maree



Bloody Fields of Flanders

Castle Dangerous

4/4 Marches

Flett from Flotta

Battle of Waterloo

The Meeting of the Waters

Lord Lovat's Lament

Horsburg Castle

Scotland the Brave

The Rowan Tree

9/8 Marches

The Battle of the Somme

The Heights of Dargai

6/8 Marches

Major John MacLennon

Farewell to the Creeks

Angus MacKinnon


Airs/Slow Marches

Bonnie Aire

The Dark Island

My Home

Leaving Lismore

The Bells of Dunblane

Amazing Grace

The Highland Cradle Song

The Mist Covered Mountains


Open Fifth